Cemetery Fees April 2018

Part I – Interment

Body of an Infant (up to one month old)£45
Body of a child (age at death does not exceed 12 yrs old)£185
Body of a person (whose age at death exceeds 12 years old)£550
Cremation remains in a cremation plot or exisiting grave£390

Part II – Exclusive Rights of Burial

To Purchase Exclusive Rights of Burial for 75 years 
An earthen grave 9' x 4' £450
Ashes in a Special cremation plot (or an existing grave)£390
Exhumation Fee with return of Exclusive Rights£75
Exhumation Fee without surrendering the Exclusive Rights certificate£450

Part III – Monuments, Grave Stones, Tablets & Inscriptions

Headstones (Not to exceed 32" H x 30" W)£330
Kerbstone or Flatstone or Border stone (enclosing a space not more than 7'6" x 3'6")£380
Tablet (Cremation Plot) not exceeding 18" x12" Note Flat tablets only on Plots 1 and 2.£280
Placement of a second stone THAT FITS WITHIN THE PLOT£125
New Cremation Headstone (plots 3 and 4) not exceeding 24"h x 18"w£300
Additional Inscription after First Inscription£50

All fees are non-negotiable and reflect residents and non-residents alike.  Invoices will be issued on or around the date of inquiry and charges will be applied at this point regardless of the funeral date or when the memorial is placed.
For all funeral enquiries, in the first instance contact the Cemetery Manager, Alan Sawyer by email with all details of the deceased. Information needed includes: Date of death, age place of death and any probable date for the funeral. A confirmation form will then be issued with the fee.
Contact information
The Cemetery Manager can be reached via :
Mobile : 07970293003