On March 12th 2019, Babergh District Council will be providing their Election Notice for the upcoming District and Parish Elections.  The Election date will be 2nd May 2019.

All nominee’s (including Existing councillors) wishing to stand for election MUST have their nomination forms completed and returned (by hand) to the Returning Officer (BDC) by 3rd April 2019. The Returning Officer (CEO of BDC) will announce the list of candidates standing on 4th April 2019.
Note:  Whilst the election will take place on May 2nd, the only way to ensure that there is a “poll” for candidates, is for there to be sufficient candidates to run a poll. What this means to Long Melford and it’s 13 council seats:
if 13 or less candidates stand, then all 13 are automatically elected, and no Poll takes place.  All are considered to be “elected”.   Should more than 13 stand, then all seats are equally contested, with the candidates having lowest number of votes failing to gain election.

To qualify as a candidate you must:
Be over 18 years old
Be a citizen of the Commonwealth or the EU
Be a registered elector for the Parish OR, In the whole 12-month period before hand,
Occupied Land/premises within the parish
Resided in the parish or within 4.8km of the parish
Had the principal or only place of work in the Parish.