Councillors – and vacancy announcement

Please be aware that due to a recent resignation, Long Melford Parish Council currently has a vacancy for a councillor.  Babergh District Council has advised that we may co-opt  for this position, and so we are advertising for the role.  Those seeking to be co-opted as councillor should contact either the Parish Clerk or Parish Chairman by 4pm on October 18th.

Councillors Declarations of Interest can be found on the BDC web page by following this link:

Parish Councillor Contact Details Notes
Liz Malvisi /
01787 374348.
also District Cllr
Richard Kemp County Councillor
Ian Bartlett
/ 01787 375634
Maureen Clayton
Richard Delderfield
Jonathan Ewbank
Jayne Lines
/01787 374993
Vice Chairman of the Parish Council
Richard Michette /01787 377164
Carol Michette /01787 377164
John Nunn
/01787 313496
Chairman of the Parish Council also District Cllr
Lisa Tipper
Dave Watts
John Watts