Our Services

The Long Melford Parish Council (LMPC) provide a number of the services that cannot be delivered by either the County, or District Council.  This means that there are large areas of the town where street lighting is provided by the Parish council – although this is being slowly transferred back to SCC, as we bring the lighting up to code for adoption.  The Parish is responsible for the car park at the Old School building, and also a number of toilets about the town.  We also provide the cemetery facility at the burial grounds around the Holy Trinity Church.  The parish is the leaseholder for the Melford Country Park at Rodbridge, which is in turn managed by Long Melford Open Spaces (LMOS).

Note that a service provided by the County Council is our local Library, located on Hall street at the United Reform Church (https://www.suffolklibraries.co.uk/libraries/long-melford-library/).  The Library provides an excellent service to our parishioners, and is well worth a visit!