Parish Documentation

Listed below are a number of the policies/ regulations by which the council operates:
LMPC Standing orders (amended 5 Oct 17): Standing Orders are the chief policies which govern the rules of engagement and debate among elected Members
LMPC Finance Regulations (as amended Oct 17): Financial Regulations are the chief policies which govern the rules of how public expenditure is managed and sets out the roles and responsibilities of both Members and Council Officers.
LMPC Information guide for publishing : This document lists all the information that is available for public viewing, and if hard copies are requested, the price for meeting that request.
LMPC Communications Policy : The Policy for Press & Media sets out the rights of those in attendance to Council meetings and committees:
LMPC Grant Awarding Policy: The Grant Application form is filled out by local community and charitable organisations who wish to call upon the Council to provide funding for a cause.