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It remains important to take steps to protect yourselves and others from COVID-19. This is particularly true for funerals, where the risk of contracting coronavirus may be higher due to the attendance of people who have a legal exemption to attend  during self-isolation or quarantine, and who either have or are at higher risk of having COVID-19.

Please note that members of the public who have been diagnosed with or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who live with someone who has been diagnosed with or are displaying coronavirus symptoms, or who are otherwise self-isolating or in a period of quarantine for any reason, are not permitted to enter the Cemetery. Detailed NHS guidance regarding self-isolation can be found here.

The Council apologises for any distress or inconvenience that these restrictions might cause. However, its primary concern must remain protecting the health and safety of the people attending, and working in, the Cemetery, and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to safeguard the lives of the community and, in particular, the NHS workers who treat and care for those suffering from serious coronavirus infections.

Long Melford Cemetery is located beside the 15th Century Church of the Holy Trinity, at the top of Melford Green. The Cemetery is owned and maintained by the Parish Council, which constitutes the Burial Authority governing the facility.

The Church’s size and beauty owes much to the wealth created by the wool trade, with Long Melford being one of the richest places in the country during the medieval period. The Cemetery is bordered by the village green to the south, and the Kentwell Hall estate to the north. It is comprised of the Old Churchyard surrounding the Church, and the current Cemetery to the east, with both locations covering approximately three acres.

The Old Churchyard area to the front of the Church and the Cemetery itself are maintained to a high standard, and are seen as an asset for attracting local tourism and the interest of visitors from around the world. The Old Churchyard area to the rear of the Church is conserved to provide a quiet, respectful setting in a natural environment that promotes wildlife. Here can be found many wrought iron crosses which were made by workers at the local Ward & Silver Foundry, who were allowed to create them in their own time to mark the graves of their deceased loved ones. There are more iron markers in the Long Melford Old Churchyard than anywhere else in Europe.

The current Cemetery, comprising approximately 1000 plots, was opened in 1949 using land donated by the Starkie Bence family at Kentwell Hall. It is unconsecrated ground and thus open to all faiths, enabling individual ceremonies to be performed at the graveside.

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Long Melford Parish Council Burial Authority is a member of
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