Neighbourhood Plan

The Draft Long Melford Neighbourhood Plan will become a Statutory Document, that will reside within and as part of the Babergh Local Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan has been developing over the last 2 years following a series of consultations, and a significant survey of the local populace.  The survey established a number of issues that the parishioners felt important, and developed policies and projects around those issues.

The draft plan is now in the pre-submission stage, where it undergoes a number of “tests” to confirm its viability.  The first of those tests is the Regulation 14 consultation, where the Parish submits it’s draft plan to all those in the village, and those that serve the village (such as Police, NHS, Water, Electricity, Telephony).  It also goes to neighbouring parishes, the  County and District Councils.  The parish is expected to receive responses, and then make any subsequent changes to the plan as are necessary.  The Consultation process begins on Thursday, January 17th, 2019.

The Long Melford Neighbourhood Plan can be found here (please note that this is an external website but still within the ownership of the Parish Council) along with the Supporting information for the Plan.

Any comments on the plan are to be  sent to the clerk at:
The Parish Clerk
Long Melford Parish Council
The Parish Offices, Cordell Road, Long Melford CO10 9EH.

Please note: email is acceptable (,   as long as the subject line of the emails reads “Neighbourhood Plan Comments”.

This statutory consultation period will end on Thursday 28 February 2019.  On completion of the consultation period, the Plan will be revised to incorporate comments received, prior  to being forwarded for inspection.  If it is found to conform with it’s requirements, a referendum is held in the village on the plan.

The Terms of Reference for the group are available here.
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