About The Neighbourhood Plan Team

Long Melford has the opportunity to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan which will help to influence how the Parish develops over the next 15 years.  The Parish Council is the body qualified to construct the Plan but its preparation is being led by a Steering Group made up of Parish Councillors and volunteers who live in the Parish.  The Chairman of the Steering Group is Cllr Jonathan Ewbank.

Babergh District Council is responsible for deciding on overall levels of development for the District, locations for growth and what infrastructure is needed. However, a Neighbourhood Plan will influence these decisions when it comes to Melford and help make the Parish a better place to live and work.

Neighbourhood Plans are produced by the community. They are not designed to prevent development but can be a powerful tool in shaping the level, design, nature and location of future development. The Plan will have to be considered against any planning applications that are submitted for new development in the Parish. The Plan provides the community with some control over Melford’s development, and community engagement will be key it success and how the Parish develops for the next generation of residents and businesses.