2022/23 Council Finances

The Council’s most recent 2022/23 statement of accounts is provided below. The accounts will be updated monthly:
Summary accounts at 31 August 2022

The Parish Council is required to publish details of all payments made in excess of £500.00. The document below shows all payments of £500.00 and above (net of VAT).
This information will be updated quarterly in July, October, January and April.
Payments in excess of £500

In the interests of transparency the Council also publishes details of all income and expenditure incurred over the last 3 calendar months:
Aug 2022 cashbook report
July 2022 cashbook report
June 2022 cashbook report

The Parish Council is required to publish information relating to grants made, land and buildings and procurement in order to comply with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015. This requirement applies to all local councils which have either gross annual income or expenditure exceeding £200,000.
Land and buildings declaration at June 2022
In the period April to June 2022:
– the Council made a grant of £500 to Long Melford Community Council
– the Council issued no qualifying tenders or contracts
This information is updated quarterly in July, October, January and April.

Other declarations
1. The Parish Council has a lease to provide an estimated 65 unmarked parking spaces at the Old School which is located on High Street just below The Green. The Parish Council provides free parking on this site as a community service.
2. Local Councils are required to publish details of employees whose remuneration in the year was at least £50,000. No Long Melford Parish Council employee falls into this category.