Cemetery Fees 2021-22

The Cemetery Manager can be contacted at:
Long Melford Parish Council,
The Parish Offices, Cordell Road, Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9EH
Tel.: 07970 293003 / Email: cemeterymanager@longmelford-pc.gov.uk


Please note that where the deceased is a child under the age of 18, or stillborn after the
24th week of pregnancy, the fees listed below will not be charged to the bereaved as they
are recoverable by the Burial Authority, cremation authorities and funeral directors under
The Children’s Funeral Fund Regulations 2019.

PART 1 – For the Interment in a Grave of:
● The body of an Infant up to one month old – £50.00
● The body of a Child more than one month old – £195.00
● The body of a person whose age at death exceeded 12 years – £575.00
● Cremation remains in Special Cremation Plot or existing grave
(Headstones only will be permitted) – £410.00

PART 2 – Exclusive Right of Burial:
● For 75 years in an earthen grave 9’ Long x 4’ Wide – £475.00
● Ashes in special cremation plot or existing grave – £410.00
● Exhumation fee with return of exclusive rights certificate – £80.00
● Exhumation fee without return of exclusive rights certificate – £475.00

PART 3 – Monuments, Grave Stones, Tablets & Inscriptions:
● Headstones not exceeding 32” High x 30” Wide – £360.00
● Kerbstones, Flat Stones or Border Stones
(Enclosing space not exceeding 7’6” Long x 3’6” Wide) – £410.00
● Placement of a new Flat Tablet that fits within an existing kerb set – £130.00
● Placement of a permanent cross on any grave space – £105.00
● Tablet – Cremation Plot not exceeding 18” High x 12” Wide
(Flat Tablets only on Plots 1 and 2) – £310.00
● Tablet added to an existing kerb set not exceeding 24” High x 18” Wide – £300.00
● New Cremation Headstones not exceeding 24” High x 18” Wide (on plots 3 and 4) – £330.00
● Additional Inscriptions after first Inscription – £55.00
● Memorial Tablets maximum 14” High x 7” Wide, e.g. at the foot of a memorial tree – £105.00

ALL fees are non-negotiable.


i. Both burial and cremation plots are allocated on a ‘next available plot’ basis. This is non-negotiable and no exceptions to this regulation will be allowed.

ii. All fees are non-negotiable and apply to residents and non-residents of Long Melford Parish alike.

iii. The scheduled fees do not include digging. Undertakers must provide their own diggers unless by prior arrangement with this Authority, where additional fees may be applicable. The above fees apply irrespective of the Exclusive Right of Burial, which must be purchased on reserving a future interment and/or the right to erect a memorial.

iv. Where a fee is due it must be paid in full prior to the funeral or the placement of a memorial. The Burial Authority will refuse to allow a funeral or memorial placement to take place where any fees remain outstanding and unpaid.

v. For all funeral enquiries, in the first instance please contact the Cemetery Manager by email with details of the deceased, including their date of death, age at death, where they died and any desired date for the funeral. A confirmation form will then be issued, together with a fee request.

vi. Memorial applications should be in the form of a scanned, detailed document, emailed as an attachment to the Cemetery Manager.

vii. Section D of the Cemetery is a lawn cemetery. As such, those requesting that a headstone be placed there must agree in writing that:
…..1. All pots, ornaments, and fences shall be removed prior to any stone being placed.
…..2. That the grave will remain free from the abovementioned items afterwards.
…..3. That the Cemetery Manager shall have the right to remove any of the abovementioned items at any ………time and at their sole discretion.

viii. The Council has the right to remove any monument that does not meet proper specifications, is of poor workmanship, has fallen into disrepair, or has not been paid for.

ix. Vases & tablets will be allowed to a maximum of 2” wide and 9” high, and must be incorporated in the headstone. Other permanent vases or memorial blocks must not be placed on the grave once it has been turfed.

x. Flat stones only will be permitted on the North Cremation Plot.

xi. Only upright, tablet-style stones are permitted in the New Cremation Area.

xii. When calculating the overall height of a monument, the base must be included in the measurement.